LionGen is committed to supporting our broker partners by delivering an experienced and professional account executive team, sophisticated client reporting solutions and a wide array of services all of which are backed by a state of the art software processing system. We value our partners as a key element of success.

  • Enrollment and eligibility maintenance and production, including online enrollment capabilities
  • Member ID card generation
  • All-inclusive medical management services, including pre-certification, concurrent review, discharge planning, case management, disease management
  • Local customer service and claims adjudication
  • Check and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) production
  • Client billing services
  • Sophisticated reporting packages enhanced by predictive modeling capabilities
  • State-of-the-art technology portals that connect members, employers, providers, and brokers
  • Value-added employee services, such as wellness progLiongens, telehealth consultation accessibility, and consumer-directed health plan options (FSA, HSA, HRA administration)
  • Plan document and Summary Benefit Coverage (SBC) preparation
  • COBRA and HIPAA administration
  • Secure electronic medical record accessibility for members
  • Client Management Tools
  • Back Office System
  • High Commissions & Administrative fee on Sales
  • Complete Management Portal
  • Easy Online Enrollment
  • Real Time Sales & Commission Tracking
  • Training & Marketing Support

A self funded healthcare plan, sometimes referred to as a self insured, or partially self funded healthcare plan, is a healthcare plan in which the sponsoring entity (Taft Harley Fund or Employer Group) assumes the financial responsibility for providing health care benefits to its members/employees.

Self Funded vs. Fully Insured

Self FundedFully Insured
An administrative service company collects from your company then pays doctors and hospitals for claims.Your health insurance company pays doctors and hospitals for claims.
Claims cost can vary from week to week. You can cap your liability with stop-loss insurance to protect against excess risk.You pay the same monthly premium no matter what your employees’ individual claims are.
Design the plan that fits your clients’ workforce needs.Limited plan options; your clients typically must select a plan from several set levels (i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze).
Your clients only spend money on the services that they need.They pay for the whole package, including services they may not need.
You retain the money that is not spent.Any funds leftover simply become more profit for the insurance company.
We give your clients access to reports that show how every dollar is spent.Carriers are often reluctant to provide any actionable data.
Vendor Management and Program Administration

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